Forms and Hiring Tools


SVCC New Hire Request Forms and Hiring Guides

STEP 1: Hiring Departments: Please submit your online request to hire by using the following Google Doc Request Forms:

 The request forms below include New Hires, Returning, Rehires, Additional job, and Transfers.

STEP 2:  You must receive approvals through SilkRoad Onboarding prior to allowing any employee to begin work. 

STEP 3: Provide the appropriate Hiring Guide to your potential employee: 


Offboarding Employees

STEP 1: Supervisors: Please submit your request by using the Google Doc link below to start the process of exiting your employee :


STEP 2: Once added to SilkRoad please login and complete your tasks



Other Human Resources Forms

Accident - Witness Report
      Call Human Resources for Appropriate Accident Reporting Procedures


Authorization for Release of Information

Confidentiality Agreement

Continuous Learning Tuition Waiver

Educational Assistance Request Form VCCS 16

Employee Personal Data and Emergency Contacts Form

Pay Action Worksheet (PAW)

Pay Advance/Salary Advance

Paycheck Hold and Payroll Deduction Authorization

Payline Brochure

Reference Check Form
Salary Reduction Agreement 403b

Travel Reimbursement Form (eff. 1/1/16)


Tax Forms

VA-4: State Tax Withholding and Personal Exemption Worksheet

W-4 2020: Federal Tax Withholding and Allowance and Deduction Worksheet

W-11: HIRE Act Employee Affidavit

FOR SUPERVISORS: Forms for Employee Accidents or Injuries

Accident Report
Worker's Compensation Policy
Worker's Compensation: Filing a Claim

Forms for Classified Staff Performance Management:

  Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contributor
  Performance Evaluation, EWP Part III  
  Employee Work Profile Probationary Progress Review Form

  Employee Self-Assessment Form
  Employee Work Profile Self-Assessment Form
  EWP Physical and IT Requirements Form

  Guide to Completing the Employee Work Profile
  Employee Work Profile Blank Form

Professional Development Requests

Professional Development Request for Funding