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Alumni Spotlight: Connie D. Bailey

Connie Bailey graduated from Southside Virginia Community College in June of 1981 with an Associate in Applied Science. During her second year at SVCC, she worked as a student assistant in the English Department with Susan Slayton and Lillie Mumford. The flexibility of the work schedule allowed her the time to complete her duties either before or after classes.

Examination Schedule - Spring 2015

The last day of classes is Friday, May 1, 2015. Final examination days are Monday, May 4, 2015 through Friday, May 8, 2015 in your current room. Examination periods are two hours in length (1-1/2 hour exam time, 30 minutes break). Night classes (those which meet at 4:00 PM or later) will have their final examinations on the same dates as their usual day of the week.

Southern Virginia New Economy Summit

Join Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Maurice Jones to learn how your locality can thrive in this new, diverse economy. Economic Development strategies for recruitment and retention have changed drastically over the years. Needs now reach farther than infrastructure. Learn new ideas for development, available resources, and the partnerships that can make it all happen.

Alumni Spotlight: Michael Gallagher

In 2011, Michael Gallagher moved to South Hill, VA with the intention of applying to SVCC’s nursing program. The idea of a career in healing others appealed to him. After a year of prerequisites, he was Mr. Gallagheraccepted into the RN program. He had not imagined the intensity of nursing school and he admits that at times the stress of a rigorous schedule and the hours of studying seemed to be too much.

Cordell Farley Book Signing

More than fifty students, staff, faculty, and community members attended Mr. Cordell Farley's presentation and book signing on the Daniel Campus of SVCC. Mr. Farley is the author of "Life Lessons of a Throwaway Kid," the poignant memoir of former professional minor league baseball player.

Alumni Spotlight: LeTrell Brown

LeTrell Brown was born and raised in the Emporia/Greensville area. She graduated from Greensville County High School and for many reasons attended SVCC. According to LeTrell, SVCC offered affordable tuition, had several locations, offered convenient and flexible class times; and she was not ready to leave home nor her family. She graduated from SVCC and all of her classes transferred to Virginia State University where she graduated in December of 2004.

Southside Virginia Community College's President is Keynote Speaker at Founder’s Day

An inspirational message of loyalty and values, tributes to inspirational leaders and inspirational acts of generosity were the order of the evening at Virginia State University’s 2015 Founder’s Day Convocation. Dr. Alfred A. Roberts, President of Southside Virginia Community College, keynoted the celebration of the 133rd anniversary of the institution’s founding in 1882.

Alumni Spotlight: Kristina Ward

Kristina Ward graduated from Southside Virginia Community College in 2005 with an AA&S in General Studies and transferred to Longwood University under the University Parallel program. While at SVCC, Kristina worked in the library under the work-study program. The work-study program gave Kristina the flexibility to work during breaks in her class schedule.

Career Day 2015 at Southside Virginia Community College

Southside Virginia Community College is hosting “Career Day 2015” where potential job seekers can meet local employers on Wednesday, April 1st in the Workforce Development Center located on the John H. Daniel Campus in Keysville, VA.

The event is open to all job seekers from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

SVCC is also hosting workshops, leading up to the event, that are free to the public and will be in the Learning Resources Center Library at 3:00PM on the following dates:


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