How to Pay for College

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Tuition and Fees are due upon enrollment.  Anyone who has not paid in full or who doesn't officially have Financial Aid or a third party to cover their account will be dropped from classes.  All third party payments or correspondence of payment must be processed by the business office, please make sure paperwork is given to them at the time of enrolling to avoid being dropped. 

How Can I Pay?


In Person or Over the Phone Payments:

Due upon enrollment; current tuition and fee debts can be paid at any of our locations.  Students will need to have their Employee ld number (seven digit number) when submitting payment to a cashier.  Cashiers cannot provide balance information without authentication of the account.  Students should know their balance or account information, or be able to provide the authentication information requested. 

Prior debts can be paid at either of our main campus locations in Alberta or Keysville, Virginia.  Students can also contact us at 434-949-1009 or 434-736-2018 to make arrangements to pay prior debt. 


Online Payments:

Due upon enrollment; current tuition and fee debts can be paid online through our QuickPay system.  Students are able to pay online, manage their accounts, and setup authorized users.  

Other debt, including bookstore charges, should not be paid through this online system; instead call us at 434-949-1009 or 434-736-2018 to make payment.

For more information click the link below:

How To Use The New NBS QuickPay System


Payment Plan

Students are able to take advantage of the easy payment system offered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  Plans can be set up using a checking or savings account, or credit or debit card.  

Setting up the payment plan is as easy as 1-2-3.  

1 - Enroll in classes

2 - Navigate to the finance section of the Student Center (MySVCC)

2 - Enroll by completing the online agreement forms. 

Fall Payment Plan Deadline:  Sept. 5 (restrictions apply, for more information see the Tuition Payment Plan page)


Scholarships & Third Party Payments

Scholarships and Third Party Payments must be assigned to the student account before the tuition deadlines.  If authorization of a scholarship or third party payment has not been obtained before that time, the student may be dropped from all enrolled classes.  Students are responsible for checking their accounts to ensure payments have been posted. 


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