Technology Tools for Students

Welcome to Southside Virginia Community College!!! If you are going to be a student at Southside, it is important that you are aware of technology that is available to you and are prepared to utilize it. As Hugh Macleod, cartoonist, once said..."It's not what the software does. It's what the user does." So that being said, some of the resources that you have access to are noted below, but in the end it is what you do with those resources that is significant.

Shared Services Distance Learning Program

Southside Virginia Community College continues to expand their course offerings through a partnership with Northern Virginia Community College. These online courses are coordinated through NOVA’s (Northern Virgina Community College) Extended Learning Institute (ELI) and are offered through Southside VA Community College’s course catalog.  Through this unique arrangement, an SVCC student can take online classes from other community college partners without having to transfer credits or apply to other institutions.

Attendance in a Distance Learning Course

Weekly ongoing participation in an online course is just as important as attendance is in a seated course.  You must be reading, interacting, and completing work in your online course from the start of the semester to be successful.  All of our online courses have an introductory that must be completed within the first week of the course to demonstrate "attendance".  Any students who do not complete that activity and show that he or she is actively engaged and participating in the course will be dropped from the course by the instructor.

Online and Hybrid Faculty

E-mail addresses for our online faculty!! 

Spring 2016 Southside online and hybrid instructors contact information is organized below by class: (Updated 01/08/2016)

Please be aware that this list is not dynamic and will not update automatically as changes are made to our course schedule.  

Student Email

As a student at a school within the Virginia Community College System, you have access to Google Apps for Education. Therefore, your student email account utilizes Gmail, and it is through your Gmail account that you can access and utilize several other Google applications.  Students are required to use this account for all email correspondence with the college including communication with instructors.  Please review the information below concerning access to that account, what tools you have access to through your gmail account, etc.  


Getting Started in Your Online Courses

Online courses involve some of the same elements of traditional seated courses including assignments, tests and quizzes, and assigned readings.  Some online courses also include prerecorded video lectures, online live sessions, discussion board activities, and/or group name a few possibilities.  Follow the steps below to get on the correct path to find success.


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