Paying for College - Student Accounts

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When students enroll in the community college, they initiate an education record which includes financial information.  The financial record (or student account) is accessed through the Student Information System by way of the Finance links in the Student Center.  This account reflects charges and payments, documenting for the student individualized transactions for each term enrolled.   Transactions can be student charges, student payments, scholarships, third party payments, financial aid, waivers, & refunds.  Students can also view their academic information (enrollment), demographic information, service indicators, holds, and or to-do items in the Student Center.  


What Does It Cost?

Tuition and Fees are determined by the State Board of Community Colleges.  They are published in the spring of each year, but are subject to change each term. The tuition and fees are calculated when a student enrolls.

Tuition and Fees are designated for in-state and out-of-state residents, E-rate, business rate, and military contracts, and are calculated by credit hours. 


When Do I Pay?

SVCC allows students to enroll in courses well before classes start.  Since students are able to enroll in advance, there are designated drop dates which correlate to the student enrollment dates.  These dates can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

Southside Virginia Community College does not generate bills for the current term tuition and fees. Tuition and fee payments are due by 5:00 pm on the designated drop dates. You must pay all mandatory fees at the same time you pay tuition. The college does not accept partial payments unless you are signed up for the tuition payment plan, and payments are made through that system. 


How Do I Pay?

The Business Office accepts payments of cash, check, echeck (online only) and card (Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover).   For our students' convenience, payments can be made in a variety of methods.     How to Pay for College Information Page

  • In Person - payments can be made on any main campus or off-site campus
  • Over the Phone - direct contact with the business offices by phone at  434-949-1009 and 434-736-2018. 
  • Online Payments - QuickPay Credit Card Payments are made through the Student Center. Students access this through the Student Information System found on your MySVCC page.    Log in to MySVCC
  • EFFECTIVE MARCH 16, 2020There will be a service fee/convenience fee on all credit and debit card payments.  To avoid a service fee charge when paying online, you will need to select the ACH payment option.  There is no fee charged when you elect this option.  Once you select the ACH option, you will be asked to enter in your bank account information. 

Student Payment Plan Option

SVCC contracts with Tuition Management Solutions to offer a payment plan.  Banking regulations and deadlines apply.  Payment Plan Options

Financial Aid Payments

The financial aid office processes eligible students aid and determines the funds made available to the student. They post the anticipated amount of aid on the student's account, which will transfer to actual aid once the student's class(es) have met and been verified.  Once the aid is considered actual aid, they disburse those funds to the business office, at which time the business office processes it and applies it to the student's account.

NOTE: Financial Aid refunds are processed after the business office posts the actual aid onto the account. Refunds are disbursed based on the student's selected method for refunds.     

Foundation Scholarships

Foundation scholarships are awarded by application only.  Students must apply for federal financial aid before being considered for foundation scholarships.   Foundation Scholarships Information

Third Party Payments

Third Party Payments are payments received from anyone other than the student (examples could be direct payments, scholarships (other than Foundation Scholarships), business agreements, & military agreements paid for a student on their behalf).


For more information on payment plans, financial aid, and scholarships, review the links below.


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