Proctored Assignment Information

Starting Spring 2017, all online and hybrid courses offered by Southside Virginia Community College will require that students complete two proctored activities. Proctored assignments give online/hybrid students the opportunity to interact with their faculty member and/or classmates while also verifying that the student enrolled in the course is the one completing the work. Therefore, for the proctored assignments, students will provide a picture ID before completing the activity. Completing a proctored assignment simply means that the instructor is present when the student completes the assignment.

Examples of proctored assignments that students in online and hybrid courses at SVCC may include, but are not limited to:

  • students complete a quiz/test/exam in person
  • students complete a presentation and present it
  • students create a project/model and present it
  • students work in groups on a case study or project
  • students complete a research project and present findings
  • students discuss topic/chapter/theory one-on-one with the instructor

At SVCC, it is determined by the individual instructor of each course how the procoring session is offered, when it is scheduled, and other details on the assignment. Some of the methods an instructor may use to offer a proctored assignment include, but are not limited to:

  • all students come to one place at one time to complete the proctored assignment
  • student can choose between several days/times/locations the instructor has set up to complete the proctored assignment
  • the instructor may utilize Blackboard Collaborate (or other online webconferecing software)
  • in extreme cases(where a student is out of state or in the military) the instructor may utlize ProctorU*

*ProctorU is a third-party service that requires additional fees paid out of pocket by the student. See below for information on charges and fees

It is the students responsibility to attend the proctored activity or to work with the instructor if alternate arrangements are needed.

ProctorU Student Costs and Fees

Student who opt to utilize the ProctorU service will have to pay out of pocket to use the service. The cost of the proctored exam varies depending on the length of time the instructor sets up for the exam. All proctoring appointments for exams should be made at least 72 hours in advance to avoid additional charges.

A list of prices for proctored exams is below:
0-30 minutes: $8.75
31-60 minutes: $17.50
61-120 minutes: $25.00
121-180 minutes: $33.75
181 minutes & up: $42.50

Premium Fees
ProctorU allows test-takers to schedule an exam on demand* or soon* for additional Premium Fees.
Take It Now* (on demand) exams and exams scheduled less than an hour in advance will be charged an additional $12.00 premium fee.
Take It Soon* (scheduled less than 72 hours in advance) exams will be charged an additional $8.00 premium fee.

For more information on how to use the ProctorU service, please visit the "Proctored Activities for Online and Hybrid Courses" folder in the "Getting Started" area of your Blackboard course.

*Take-It-Now and Late registrations features are subject to availability.