Transferability is a complicated issue because there are many variables.  Typically, if you graduate from a community college, you will be able to transfer more courses than if you attempt to transfer individual courses.  Also, a college may accept certain of your credits, but count them as electives and not as meeting requirements, which may mean the student must take additional courses after transfer.  Some colleges may accept certain courses while other colleges do not.  Some departments within a college may treat a courses in one way while another department in the same college may treat it as something different.

Please understand that Southside's pre-engineering program is exactly that: a pre-engineering program.  It is designed to better prepare students to enter engineering programs.

You should become as knowledgeable as possible about the college and department into which you plan to transfer.  Virtually all colleges have personnel who work directly with transfer students and you should communicate with them.  The links below may also be helpful.


Guaranteed Transfer Information
  Virginia Transfer Agreements

College Transfer Guides
  Provided by the Virginia Community College System

Transfer Planning
  Planning Your Transfer to a Four Year College or University