Faculty & Staff Directory

Harvey W. Powers, Assistant Webmaster
Duncan Quicke, Coordinator, Truck Driving Training
Judy Reece, Dual Enrollment Specialist
Jessica Reed, Secretary to the VP of Adult Education and Grants
Martha B. Reed, Assistant Professor, Biology
Freddie Reekes, Recruitment/Apprenticeship
Percy Richardson, Professor of Business & Coordinator of International Education
Brent Richey, Associate Professor of Math
Melissa G. Robbins, Administrative Specialist and Adjunct Instructor
Al Roberts, College President
Dawn Roberts, Administrative and Support Specialist
Stephanie Robinson, Associate Professor, Middle College
Mary Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant to the Provost
Chad Rogers, Maintenance Technician
Julie Ross, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Tom Scales, Associate Professor of Economics and Business
Linda Sheffield, Vice President of Adult Education & Grants
Suzanne Shook, Education Support Specialist II
Dorothea G. Sizemore, Director of Counseling
Tiffany Slagle, Accounting Instructor
Nita Smallwood, Payroll Manager
Debra K. Smiley, Director of Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Misty Smiley, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Instruction and Business and Technology Faculty
David Smith, Associate Professor
Dennis Smith, Associate Professor, Director of Workforce Development, Men's Basketball Coach
G. Smith, Office Services Assistant
Gunay Smith, Professor of Chemical and Biological Sciences
Lindsey Smith, Human Resources Analyst
Vondrenna Smithers, Student Activities - Christanna Campus
Linda Staylor, Grant Writer
Thomas Stegall, Building & Grounds
Mike Stinson, Professor of Biology
Tawnya Swindell, Evening Librarian and Serials Specialist
Jonette I. Talbott, Professor & Director of Practical Nursing Program in South Boston
Tonia Talbott, Counselor, Student Services
Anthony M. Taylor, Alberta Network Services
Dr. James Taylor, Assistant Professor and Program Head, Administration of Justice Department
Pam Taylor, Business & Industry Services Coordinator for Workforce Development
Sally Tharrington, Director of Financial Aid
Robert Tolbert, Maintenance & Security