SVCC Dual Enrollment Program


What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual Enrollment allows high-achieving students to meet the requirements for high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credit from Southside Virginia Comuunity College.
Virginia Plan for Dual Enrollment [PDF]

Why Dual Enrollment?
According to the US Department of Education, college credits earned prior to high school graduation reduce the average time-to-degree and increase the likelihood of graduation for the students who participate in dual enrollment programs. For parents, it is a chance to reduce future college expenses by shortening the time to college graduation.

What are the advantages of dual enrollment?
• Save money -  Courses through Southside Virginia Community College are much less expensive than through any 4-year college or university.  Dual Enrollment courses are offered to high school students at a very reduced tuition rate or free of charge depending on the high school policy.  Contact your high school to find out if there is a charge for dual enrollment courses.
• Save time - Dual Enrollment courses accelerate a student's college career and provides quality, affordable education close to home

• Provides collegiate instruction to high school students during regular school hours
• Provides students access to the same course content and curriculum that is offered on the community college campus
• Provides highly qualified teaching faculty who meet the criteria set by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges
• Provides access to college resources, facilities and services such as advising, career counseling and mentoring

View printable dual enrollment brochure

How does a dual enrollment course differ from an Advanced Placement (AP) course?

A dual enrollment course is a college class taught by an instructor who has the degree and credentials to teach at a community college.  Upon successful completion of a dual enrollment course, a student is awarded college credit as well as high school credit.  A high school transcript and a college transcript are separately generated for each school.

Who participates in the Dual Enrollment program?

Southside Virginia Community College partners with the following to provide Dual Enrollment courses.

Contact information for each participating school.

*not in SVCC service area, only select DE programs provided

Where can students take dual enrollment classes?

In addition to the high schools listed above, Southside Virginia Community College offers some dual enrollment courses and special programs for high school students at its locations including the following. 



Amelia Nottoway Technical Center

  • Drafting and Design
  • Cosmetology

Christanna Campus

John H. Daniel Campus

Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center

Pickett Park

Southern Virginia Higher Education Center

Students may take any college course offered by SVCC for which they are qualified at any of our locations, however, the high school principal must grant permission for the course to be used to meet a high school requirement.

Who is eligible for Dual Enrollment programs?
All high school students can benefit from college coursework,particularly—
• High school students attending a public or private school; but students must meet Southside Virginia Community College's requirements for taking classes
• Home schooled students are also eligible and students should contact their local community college to discuss options

What if my goal is to get a bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university?
SVCC offers Dual Enrollment credit for college general education courses, which are required for most two-year and four-year degrees. These Dual Enrollment courses begin your Associate of Arts and Sciences degree at SVCC or you can transfer directly to a four-year college or university. 
More information on Transfer Courses

What if my goal is to get a one-year certificate or two-year degree in a career technical field and then get a job?
SVCC offers Dual Enrollment credit for career technical courses as dwell as transfer courses.  These Dual Enrollment courses begin your Certificate or Associate of Applied Sciences degree at SVCC. 
More information on Career Technical Courses

What if I just want to take a course offered by SVCC for personal interest or to acquire a skill?
Some of SVCC's courses are not part of the Dual Enrollment program, but may be taken by high school students to gain a skill or for their personal interest.  These courses do not count towards high school course requirements unless specifically approved by the high school principal. Students interested in these courses should contact their high school guidance office. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Enrollment

Role of Students and Parents

• Complete college application, including parent portion with signatures, and schedule to take the placement test at your high school
• Select course(s) with high school guidance counselor
• Sign the registration form for each class and rent/purchase necessary textbooks if not provided by the high school
• Visit the local community college to see what campus support services or activities are available
• Participate in class; do assignments on time

Role of Southside Virginia Community College

• Work with school administration to determine which dual enrollment courses will be taught at the high school
• Hire or evaluate adjunct faculty that meet community college credentialing requirements
• Ensure that course content and textbook are the same as the course offered on the community college campus
• Identify coordinators of Dual Enrollment to work with the high schools
• Facilitate meetings between college and high school stakeholders to discuss logistics
• Administer the placement test
• Assist the high school in getting the student registered

Step-By-Step Enrollment Process for Dual Enrollment Classes

Role of the High School

• Support the offering of Dual Enrollment with the high school staff, students, and parents
• Identify a single point of contact at the high school to work with the college coordinator for Dual Enrollment
• Recommend potential courses and students
• Assist all students in completing the admissions and registration processes and in obtaining necessary instructional materials

• Identify students that will need to take the placement test

• Identify students who have indicated pursuit of specific certificates of degrees

Contact Information


Parent requests for information about attendance and academic progress
Under the federal Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the college will only disclose personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records to any third party with the student's written consent. This includes disclosure of information to the parent regardless of the student's age. Parents will be able to obtain information about attendance or academic progress if the student provides written permission.