The Learning Commons (Tutoring)

Do you have the desire to improve your learning or your grades?  Do you have a hard time understanding what the instructor is saying?  Have you been required to repeat a class one or more time?  If so, we can help!

Need a Tutor?

The Learning Commons offers professional tutors and student assistants who have been trained to help you with your academic needs.  We offer one-on-one and group tutoring, as well as walk-in assistance.  We offer online tutoring if transportation is an issue.

The Learning Commons is a great place to do homework, with the benefit of having a professional tutor or a student assistant close by to help you.  All you have to do is raise your hand!

These services are FREE to all SVCC students.

Now, how's that for savings? can you get these services already?

Referral Process

Any SVCC faculty member or counselor may refer a student to the Learning Commons. In addition, any student interested in receiving services may complete a self-referral form.

The Learning Commons offers the following:

  • Canvas Assistance (individual help with your online classes)
  • G-mail (help with how to use student e-mail)
  • Atomic Learning (online tutorials on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Canvas, etc.)
  • Web Resources (additional computer resources to help student learning)
  • Individual and Group Tutoring
  • The Learning Commons will provide tutors with expertise in a wide array of subjects.
  • If there are several students who request tutoring in a course-specific area, group tutoring will be provided.
  • In some cases, tutors will attend classes and collaborate with instructors in order to provide the most useful tutoring sessions.                  

Additional services offered:

  • Study skills: How to master and remember large amounts of information
  • Time management skills: How to maintain a calendar/schedule
  • Stress Management: How to use breathing exercises, maintain fitness, and employ healthy living habits to relieve stress
  • Note-taking skills: How to skim, outline, and use other techniques in taking notes
  • Organizational skills: How to handle large amounts of information effectively
  • Test-taking strategies: Tips on how to pass tests

There are two Learning Commons locations. All SVCC students in the ten-county area have access to the Learning Commons. 


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