Apprentice Training

What is an Apprenticeship Program?

The Apprenticeship program is a flexible job training program that allows an employee to acquire on-the-job skills combined with related instruction (often college classes) to produce a highly-skilled employee. Our program does not provide job placement but helps those already employed receive value-added training to assist with their current job. The goal is to help the employee achieve a nationally recognized training credential. Some Apprenticeship examples for Advanced Manufacturing are: Electrician, Maintenance Mechanics, Precision Machinist, Welding, and Engineering Technicians. Apprenticeship Examples for IT are: Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, CAD, Graphic Designer, and Cybersecurity Analyst.

How would an Apprenticeship Program help me?

Many students find it necessary to work while going to school. As an apprentice the hours you work count towards the credential you are working towards. Apprentices also receive increases in pay as their skills and knowledge grow.

Where would I work and get the training I need?

Many local companies are actively participating in the Apprenticeship program in Southside Virginia.  The Apprenticeship program helps train current and potential employees. Unemployed students receive skilled training desired by potential employers.  Several local companies have adopted the Apprenticeship model as a way to train the workforce for 21st-century jobs. Watch the YouTube video from the Department of Labor and Industry to see how Apprenticeships could benefit your company.

I need more information….

For more information on the programs offered at SVCC, contact 
Chad Patton,  or Dennis Smith


More information can be found at the Virginia Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship website.

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