Placement Testing

Placement tests are no longer required. Students will be placed in English and math courses based on their high school GPA and math courses taken. Informed self-placement options will be offered to students who have completed high school or GED credentials over 6 years ago. Learn more about direct enrollment.  

SVCC is also offering some flexibility in its admission and placement of high school students for dual enrollment. Learn more about dual enrollment admission and placement measures.

Placement testing may still be appropriate for certain populations. For instructions on how to take the practice Virginia Placement Test, click here. Contact your College Navigator for more information.

Placement Tests Offered to Select Populations
English and Math

Appointment needed: Yes, please contact your College Navigator to set up an appointment. 

Proctoring fee: No 

Test fee: No 

Note:  You are encouraged to take the English and math tests at separate times. Valid photo ID is required.

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