Placement Testing

Student Services Professionals need to find out what courses are appropriate for your present skill level. In other words, they need to know your abilities in writing, reading, and math.

The VPT (Virginia Placement Test) is required of all students unless you have already completed coursework in English and/or mathematics and can be placed using our Multiple Measurement Policy. Placement testing helps to ensure your success. 

  • The test for English and Math are given on Mondays-Fridays. Please call Leslie Perkins at 434-736-2022 or email to schedule an appointment for the placement test.
  • An appointment is required for the placement test.  Contact the campus closest to you for a testing appointment at other locations.

Do I Need to Take Placement Tests?

You can waive the placement test requirement if you:

  • Submit an official transcript to the Student Development Services ( showing completion of college-level English or math with a grade of C or higher at an accredited institution where English is the official language. If you have not taken math or English within the last five years, meet with an advisor to discuss your readiness.
  • Have successfully completed developmental courses at another community college in Virginia. If you completed developmental coursework at non-VCCS institution, your course will be evaluated for placement by Advising.
  • Are taking classes for personal enrichment and are not enrolled in an English, math or another course that requires a pre-requisite or readiness in English or math. Course descriptions in the college catalog list pre-requisite and readiness requirements.
  • Have graduated from high school within the last five years and can submit a high school transcript demonstrating one of the following placement measures:

English Placement

English Placement Measure H.S. GPA or Score Range Placement
High School GPA (H.S. GPA)


3.0 or higher

2.7 - 2.9

ENG 111

ENF3/ENG 111

SAT-ERW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing)

480 or above

460 - 470 range

ENG 111

ENF3/ENG 111

SAT – Critical Reading (Verbal) and Writing (Pre-March 2016) 500 or above
(on both sections)


ENG 111


ACT-Subject Area Tests: English and Reading 18 or above
(on each test)

15 - 17 range
(on each test)


ENG 111

ENF3/ENG 111


GED-English (RLA-Reading through Language Arts) 165 or above


ENG 111


Math Placement

Math Placement Measures* H.S. GPA or Score Range Placement
H.S. GPA and Algebra II and
One Algebra Intensive Course**
3.0 or higher MTE 1 – 9 Satisfied
H.S. GPA and Algebra II 3.0 or higher MTE 1 – 5 Satisfied
H.S. GPA and Algebra I 3.0 or higher MTE 1 – 3 Satisfied
SAT – Math 530 or above MTE 1 – 9 Satisfied
510 – 520 range MTE 1 – 5 Satisfied
SAT – Math
(Pre-March 2016)
520 or above MTE 1 – 9 Satisfied
ACT – Subject Area Test: Math 22 or above MTE 1 – 9 Satisfied
19 – 21 range MTE 1 – 5 Satisfied
GED – Math 165 or above MTE 1 – 5 Satisfied
155 - 164 MTE 1 – 3 Satisfied

Test Preparation

It is suggested that you take the VPT Practice Test prior to taking the VPT for course placement. An online practice test is available here. Use the directions below to access the online version. (A print version of the math section of the practice test is shown below.)

  • From the dropdown menu "Institution," select "Southside Virginia Community College."

  • Under "Site," select "Practice Test Site."

  • The Site password is "svccpanthers1".

  • Continue filling in the form. Note the items marked * must be completed.

  • In the right column, you MUST enter your student ID number. You must also use your personal email address. 

Please speak with your College Navigator to ensure you complete the right practice placement test based on your program needs.

Click here for an Informative Brochure

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