Strategic Planning

Southside Virginia Community College

Aspire 2027: Pathways to Opportunities

In the 2021-22 academic year, the Collaborative Strategic Planning Committee developed SVCC's next Strategic Plan. The process included obtaining internal and external stakeholder feedback. Approved by the Local Board in July 2022, SVCC's strategic plan is Aspire 2027: Pathways to Opportunities.

You can view detailed information about the report and annual objectives here for the Aspire 2027: Pathways to Opportunities Strategic Plan.

Aspire 2027: Pathways to Opportunities

Southside Virginia Community College will. . .

  1. Student Success: Promote individual prosperity by advancing student completion and post-graduation success.
    1. Increase student enrollment from underrepresented and underserved populations.
    2. Implement an enhanced student-centered onboarding process.
    3. Increase retention, college completion and transfer rates.
    4. Increase and enhance student engagement.


  1. Teaching & Learning: Provide quality academic and workforce pathways to prepare students for career and transfer opportunities.
    1. Evaluate new and existing potential academic and workforce programs for relevancy, growth opportunities, and responsiveness.
    2. Strengthen Dual Enrollment (DE) partnerships and pathways.
    3. Align curricular content with the expressed business needs of employers, including periodic review and updates by advisory committees; develop methods and schedules to update all credentialing programs with a frequency that ensures consistent alignment with industry changes.
    4. Explore and embrace emerging technology.


  1. Community Engagement: Improve economic opportunities in our service region and expand community partnerships.
    1. Collaborate with community partners to promote, support, and expand economic vitality and individual prosperity. 
    2. Expand community engagement to promote and support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with a focus on underserved populations and completion rates.
    3. Foster a college community that is welcoming, inclusive, respectful, seeks varied perspectives, and recognizes strength in diversity.


  1. Our People: Continue as a premier place to work focusing on inclusive excellence and innovation.
    1. Engage the campus community in professional development, social interaction, and meaningful dialogue to broaden the understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) gaps.
    2. Sustain our status as a premier place to work and learn.
    3. Recruit and retain qualified employees representing the communities that we serve.
    4. Strengthen a culture of collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement.
    5. Foster an environment centered on open, productive, reciprocal communication that builds cohesion. 


  1. Our Resources: Provide resources to sustain and advance the College's mission.
    1. Evaluate and improve the efficient and effective use of financial and facilities resources.
    2. Expand the donor base and community and industry support.
    3. Expand the development of grants.
    4. Advocate for increased financial resources provided by the Commonwealth and local governments.
    5. Secure resources for increasing DEI initiatives and outcomes in both academic and workforce programs. 
    6. Integrate data-informed decisions.