Local College Board

Southside Virginia Community College is deeply rooted in the Southside Community. We are very fortunate to have a Board made up of dedicated members of that community.

Southside Virginia Community College
Local Board Members
Effective July 1, 2020 (revised September 25, 2023)

Charlotte                        Dr. Michael A. Campbell

Brunswick                     Ms. Belinda Evans

Charlotte                        Mr. Thomas E. Locke (Ned)

Buckingham                  Dr. Donna Matthews

Mecklenburg                 Mr. Vin Montgomery
                                           Finance Committee

Mecklenburg                 Mrs. LaFreda Ogburn

Greensville                   Dr. Charlette Woolridge

Cumberland                 Mrs. Virginia Gills

Halifax                          Mrs. Sallie Wade Adams

City of Emporia           Ms. Jacqueline Belk

Nottoway                     Mr. J. Wesley Shepherd
                                         Finance Committee

Lunenburg                  Mrs. Nellie Parrish

Prince Edward           Mr. Russell Dove
                                        Finance Committee

Brunswick                 Mr. Morris. Taylor

Brunswick                 Dr. Ronald Thornhill 

Halifax                       Vacant