Testing Center

Welcome to the Testing Portal for Southside Virginia Community College. The Testing Portal will link you to the many testing services provided by SVCC. Those services include:

Each link will provide information specific to each particular test, including: locations, hours of operations, contact information, testing requirements, identification requirements, and additional resources (if available).

Students Needing Accommodations

Students needing accommodation* based on a disability should contact SVCC’s Office of Disability Services.

Dr. John Hicks, Coordinator of Disability Services, Christanna Campus
Room 213, Student Services Center
Phone: 434-949-1070  Email: john.hicks@southside.edu

*Students requesting a testing accommodation should have their disability accommodations in place and on file with SVCC’s Office of Disability Services prior to requesting proctoring assistance from the Office of Disability Services.

Here are some online resources for reviewing mathematics skills.

In addition, there are other resources in the "Tutorials" section of the Library website

  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Tests

    What if I fail the test?

    You cannot fail. Your test results simply tell us what courses you will need to succeed.


    Are the scores part of my permanent record?

    Yes. They are entered so that your counselor and advisor can use them for registration purposes.


    Do I have to pay a fee to take the Placement Test?

    No, there is no cost to you for taking the test.


    Why must I take the test?

    It helps you to go into the courses that are right for you.