General Information

Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC) makes its facilities available for use by groups and organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. College facilities are available for use by community organizations for functions consistent with the college's mission. Facilities may be used by non-profit community organizations, governmental agencies, and business/industry partners at a minimal set-up and custodial fee. Individuals may request the use of campus facilities if consistent with the usage policies set forth in these guidelines.  Business and Industry partners may use SVCC facilities for in-service training and related functions. However, the college does not normally allow usage of its facilities for profit-making events by outside groups. SVCC does not rent its facilities for any purpose.  SVCC reserves the right to deny use of its facilities for reasons deemed sufficient by the College.

Types of Facilities and Resources Available

Whenever possible and practical, the following facilities are available for use:

  • College grounds
  • Lake/Picnic areas
  • Outdoor athletic fields
  • Parking lots
  • Workforce Development Centers
  • Auditorium/Stage
  • Conference rooms
  • Lecture, Computer and Electronic Classrooms
  • Tables and Chairs (with building use)
  • Audiovisual equipment (with building use)

The educational and co-curricular activities at Southside Virginia Community College take precedence in assignment of all space in buildings and on the grounds of the campus.

Facilities Use Fees

Please contact the college personnel listed under scheduling procedures for current fees.

All users will be charged a setup, cleanup, and/or security fee of $150.  Extensive cleanup needs will result in additional charges at $15 per person-hour.

The College reserves the right to require an advance security deposit from external groups using the campus facility. 

Facility users who have outstanding debts to the College may not use College facilities until payment for those debts has been received.

Scheduling Procedure

Official facilities reservations are made through the below contact persons listed below for Christanna and John H. Daniel campuses.

Once an event is placed on the college's master schedule, a representative of the user is required to submit a completed Facilities Reservation Form. On the Christanna Campus, submit it to angela.mcclintock@southside.edu On the John H. Daniel Campus, submit it to cindy.mason@southside.edu.

Arrangements for any room set-up, audio-visual equipment, etc. must be indicated at the time the room reservation is made and/or at least ten (10) working days prior to the event.  The college may not be able to honor late requests. 

Use of college-owned audio-visual equipment may require college personnel to set up and operate.  If so, additional charges will be applied at a rate of $15 per person-hour.

In unusual circumstances, cancellation of a scheduled event may be necessary to accommodate a late-scheduled college activity. The cancelled event may be rescheduled as facility availability allows. If other adequate facilities are available on campus, the group may be moved in order to avoid canceling the event.

Facilities Reservation Form

Campus facilities may be reserved using the college's Facilities Reservation Form.This form must be completed and signed by a representative of the user group. Information pertaining to set-up requirements and audiovisual needs should be noted on the Facilities Reservation Form. In the event that audiovisual or other equipment is not available, the user group will be expected to provide its own audiovisual or public address equipment. The completed Facilities Reservation Form must be returned to the college at least ten (10) working days prior to the event.

Types of Events and Limitations

SVCC's facilities are available for a variety of events, including receptions, reunions, meetings, workshops and seminars. Classrooms may be used only during times when classes are not scheduled. Athletic fields may be used except during those times when otherwise scheduled by SVCC. The softball field, baseball field, tennis courts, etc. may not be used for tournaments when an entrance fee is charged, unless the event is sponsored by a recognized charitable organization and all revenue in excess of expenses is donated to that organization. Entrance fees may be charged by the college and approved organizations. Tennis courts may be used by individuals on a first-come, first-served basis when no SVCC classes or team practices are scheduled. Overnight camping is not allowed on the college grounds, except for college-approved events. College facilities may be used by local businesses and industries for in-service training and related programs.

Activities shall not be discriminatory or abusive of others by reasons of age, sex, religious beliefs, national origin or handicap.

The College is required to maintain a non-partisan status in political campaigns; therefore, all political parties shall be given equal opportunity to sponsor on-campus rallies so long as all College requirements are met.

Users are required to conform to the Code of Virginia with respect to all event activities.

Fees Which May Be Charged By User Groups

Admission may be charged for events sponsored by non-profit users when all proceeds will be used to benefit the sponsoring organiza­tion. Freewill collections may be taken if all donations will be used solely for the benefit of the non­-profit organization.

Program Identification

Sponsoring individuals or organizations using SVCC facilities may not use the Southside Virginia Commu­nity College name or logo in association with the external program to state or imply SVCC sponsorship, cooperative programming, or endorsement.


Southside Virginia Community College's name or logo may not be used in advertising or marketing programs, except as approved by the college or as needed to indicate event locations.

Library Use

Area citizens are encouraged to use the SVCC library, as are registered students.


Sponsoring individuals and organizations are responsible for the conduct of their guests while in SVCC managed facilities.  Users must agree to assume full responsibility for liability, injury or damage to persons or property.  A statement of insurance covering use of the facility may be required prior to use.  SVCC accepts no liability for loss or damage of users' personal property.

Refreshments and Services

Food and refreshments may be served in SVCC facilities. The user group is responsible for providing refreshments, cleanup, placement of trash in containers, and for repair of any damaged or soiled furniture, floors or walls. The user group is also responsible for the cleanup of any outdoor areas which are utilized. College personnel will not assume responsibility for any aspect of food and refreshment service. The user group must provide items such as tablecloths, water pitchers, eating and cooking utensils, glasses, paper products, etc. 


Ample parking is available around the SVCC campus. During week days, outside groups should avoid parking in yellow curb zones which are reserved for the college faculty and staff. Handicap spaces are clearly marked and should be utilized only by vehicles bearing official handicapped driver designation.


The facility user is responsible for security needs of events and must provide College-approved security if the group wishes to use the facility overnight and plans to keep items of value in the facility.  The College accepts no liability for loss of damage to such items at any time.  The facility user shall provide College-approved police service for crowd control if the College anticipates the need for such control.  The cost of such protections is in addition to any space utilization fees.

Distribution of Information on Campus

The Provost on each campus is responsible for reviewing each request for posting of information by groups external to the college and determining the manner, time and place for the distribution so as to avoid interference with the educational mission of the college. 

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