Online Learning at SVCC

Often students are unable to attend courses on campus and need to complete course work through an online environment. At Southside Virginia Community College, we strive to provide a variety of options for students in regard to the course formats that we offer.

Southside is invested in your success as an online student. As a result, there are many resources and student services available to aid you in achieving your academic goals. To start, if you have not already, complete the Is Online Learning Right for Me? Quiz, which will help in your success as an online student. Courses are available in multiple formats here at SVCC, so you can pick the delivery method that works best for your personal needs and schedule, or mix and match if you are flexible. Here’s a quick explanation of each:

Types of Courses

  • Fully Online Courses (also called Asynchronous Online): These classes meet fully online with no face-to-face class meetings and no scheduled class time. Students access the course via the Canvas site and keep pace with the work weekly, submitting assignments as they come due. Requirements: Reliable internet access, an appropriate device for accessing the course and completing assignments, and good time management skills.
  • Zoom to Home (also called Synchronous Online): Classes meet on the days and times listed on the class schedule; however, you attend from home utilizing a Zoom invitation provided by your instructor. You will connect in real-time with the teacher and other students. Requirements: reliable internet access, an appropriate device with functional webcam and microphone, (ideally) a dedicated space for uninterrupted class participation, and the ability to connect to all classes for all set meeting days and times.
  • Hybrid: Part of the class time meets in person, on-campus (or at an off-campus center) on the days, times, and locations listed on the class schedule. Part of the class is completed online using Canvas, with no scheduled class time. Not every hybrid course meets in person on the same schedule, or the same number of meetings. Requirements: Social distancing will be observed as per the CDC guidelines with students wearing face coverings and having proof of completed daily wellness checks. Also required is reliable transportation for in-person meetings days, and reliable computer and internet access for the online portions of the course.
  • Videobroadcast Class via Zoom: Classes meet on the days, times, and locations listed on the class schedule. Essentially, this is a seated class where instructors will facilitate instruction from one site to other campuses and off-campus centers across our service area via Zoom. Requirements: Social distancing will be observed as per the CDC guidelines at each location with students wearing face coverings and having proof of completed daily wellness checks. Transportation to the location each time the class meets, a face covering, and reliable technology and internet access for any required work outside of class.

Note: “Reliable technology and internet access” can include use of Southside’s libraries and computer labs when students are on campus or at an SVCC offsite center. However, especially during this period of social distancing, computers are only available in limited quantities and at limited times, so students should plan to have alternate options that are readily accessible to them during the times they plan to complete coursework, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Shared Distance Learning Courses 

Southside Virginia Community College is pleased to offer additional courses in specific subjects through a partnership with Northern Virginia Community College. These online courses are coordinated with NOVA Online, and are offered through Southside VA Community College’s course catalog. Because of this unique arrangement, an SVCC student can take online classes from other community college partners without having to transfer credits or apply to other institutions, as the classes are considered part of the Southside Virginia Community College curriculum. However, these classes are not taught by Southside faculty, so students will need to familiarize themselves with help options for the class by reading

  • Getting Started in Your Online Courses

    Fully online courses involve many of the same type of activities as in person courses (lectures, videos, assignments, discussions, tests, group work, etc), just without the regular, in person interaction. Here are some additional tips to help you start your online journey successfully:

    1. Log into your course on the first day of the term and review the syllabus carefully. Ask any questions immediately, so you are clear about what is expected and when.
    2. Be proactive in communicating with your instructor. Life happens for all of us, but except where sudden and immediate emergencies arise, let your professor know if you are ill, have family issues, or are experiencing other difficulties getting work done on time. Don't wait until the due date has passed. 
    3. Don't procrastinate. Give yourself plenty of time to review the course content and absorb it, as well as complete any graded assignments, tests, etc. Take time to proofread your work before you submit. It's also good to keep to a study schedule if at all possible so that schoolwork doesn't pile up.
  • Canvas and Canvas Mobile

    GO MOBILE -- CANVAS STUDENT AND TEACHER APPS Canvas is very friendly with mobile devices, If you use Canvas' own apps, which can be downloaded free of charge. Students, there is a student app for both iOS and Android products ... just search for Canvas Student and look for the logo: '

    Canvas Guide to the Student App

  • Student Orientation to Online Learning

    Welcome to online learning at Southside Virginia Community College! We are glad to have you! Our goal with this brief orientation is to give you an idea of what it takes to be a successful online student. You are encouraged to complete the 1-hour Hoonuit video course entitled "How Do I Succeed in an Online Class?". If you are not logged in to Canvas, you may need to log in using your Canvas/MySVCC user ID and password.

    Start Orientation

  • Student Grievance Process Policy & Procedure

    SVCC’s Student Grievance Policy and Procedure is described in our catalog. SVCC strives to provide the highest quality educational opportunities available. However, if a conflict does arise, our efforts are meant to resolve your grievances, complaints, and concerns in an expeditious, fair, and amicable manner. Students should follow carefully the steps outlined in our catalog to ensure proper and timely resolution of their complaint. Complaints must follow the college's customary resolution procedure prior to being referred to SCHEV.

    SCHEV Student Complaint Process