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SVCC New Hire Request Forms and Hiring Guides

STEP 1: Hiring Departments: Please submit your online request to hire by using the following Google Doc Request Forms:

 The request forms below include New Hires, Returning, Rehires, Additional job, and Transfers.

STEP 2:  You must receive approvals through SilkRoad Onboarding prior to allowing any employee to begin work. 

STEP 3: Provide the appropriate Hiring Guide to your potential employee: 


Offboarding Employees

STEP 1: Supervisors: Please submit your request by using the Google Doc link below to start the process of exiting your employee :


STEP 2: Once added to SilkRoad please login and complete your tasks

Other Human Resources Forms

Tax Forms

For SupervisorsForms for Employee Accidents or Injuries

Forms for Classified Staff Performance Management:

Professional Development Requests

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