Graduation 2023

Graduation 2023 - Saturday, May 13, 2023 at 9:30 a.m.

Daniel Campus: 200 Daniel Road, Keysville, VA  23947

**Weather Permitting**

Ceremony Information

Graduation will be held outdoors behind the Student Success Center.  The ceremony will be held rain or shine.  The ceremony will be delayed if there is a threat of lightning or storms. Umbrellas will not be allowed.

Carpooling is strongly encouraged to minimize traffic backup and parking availability.

The public is invited to attend, and tickets are not required.

If needed, ceremony updates will be sent through Southside Alert. (Text svccalert to 888777, to sign up if you haven't also done so.)

Graduation Application Deadlines

Spring 2023 - March

Summer 2023 - June 

Fall 2023 - October 

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  • Additional Graduation Info

    SVCC has one ceremony which includes SVCC students, DE students and GSSV students.

    Parking is limited so carpool if at all possible.

    We will not have a graduation rehearsal but there will be many assistants to direct you  - you will be informed and know what to do.

    Tickets are not required.  As of right now, there is not a limit on the number of guests that you can have.  However, if anything changes with Covid, we may have to limit guests.  We are hoping not to have to do that but we need to be aware if things change, we will have to adjust accordingly.

    Processional marches promptly at 9:30 a.m.  - there is no delaying this time.

    Arrive on campus EARLY – around 8:00 a.m.  Be aware ahead of time of how long it takes for you to get to campus. Traffic will be backed up on all roads leading to campus.

    Go to your assigned room for your degree. (mention AA&S, AAS, CSC, etc.) Specific room assignments will be posted on the graduation link as well as a schematic of the buildings and the direction of how the processional will flow.  There will also be a welcome tent and navigation assistants directing you.

    When you check in your assigned room, you will be given a card.  You will need to hold on to this card from this point on until you march across the stage.  This is what let’s the reader know your name and degree information.  If your name is hard to pronounce, please write the phonetic pronunciation on the card below your name.

    All students must wear cap, gown, hood and tassel.  You cannot wear your high school regalia.  You can borrow a gown from a past graduate as long as the cap and gown are black and the hood has the SVCC colors on it.  You can buy just the tassel with the current year drop from the Bookstore.  Honors tassels will be given to you by the College if you meet the criteria for honors.  This will be given to you in the room where you assemble. If you have a question about Honors, you can contact the Admissions Office for clarification.

    Caps may be decorated as long as it is tasteful and doesn’t distract from ceremony or impair the person’s view behind you.

    Dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking on grass and uneven ground.

    Leave all belongings in your car or with your family.  We cannot be responsible for anything once you leave the room.

    Cell phones need to be turned off once the processional starts.

    No umbrellas – none!  This is for safety reasons and so everyone can see.  We will not march if there is a storm.  We will wait for that to pass.

    Please know that there isn’t any shade and it can be hot. Consider using sunscreen.

    There will be a limited number of handicapped seats.  Please remember that the ground is uneven in places.

    The ceremony will be streamed.  Your family can access this through the Graduation link -

    When it is time to award degrees, you will be directed to the stage by rows.  Highest ranking degree first and then down to the last degree category.

    Please remain for the entire ceremony and march out with the recessional.

    There will be a photographer taking pictures as you receive your degree.  Please inform your family that they cannot cross the roped areas to take pictures.  You cannot stop for photos once the processional starts marching.  Family members can snap pictures as you pass by but please do not stop to pose.


  • SVCC Cap and Gown Information

    Please call the bookstore before coming to make a purchase of cap and gowns.

    Store Hours -   Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

    Phone number is:  434-736-2021 (Keysville) or 434-949-1023 (Alberta)

    Cap and Gown Information
    Cap and gowns for students will be available for sale at each campus Bookstore.  Additionally, there is a link on each campus Bookstore site ( to place orders online. To march in the processional, all students must wear full academic regalia which includes, the cap, gown, hood and tassel.  The cap, gown and tassel come in a set and the hood is purchased separately.  Individual prices for the cap and tassel only are for students who want an extra as a keepsake.
    Cap, Gown and tassel set - $30.00
    Hood - $23.00 (required - must purchase separately)
    Cap only - $6.00
    Tassel only - $5.00
  • Diplomas

    Diplomas will be mailed to you in late June.  Dual Enrollment diplomas will be mailed later due to graduation dates at your high school.  Be sure to check your mailing address online to make certain it is correct.

  • Contacts for Information

    Contacts for Information:

    PTK - Shayna Kendall Maxey,

    Student Services - Leslie Perkins,

    Christanna Campus Bookstore - Christopher Hunnicutt, 

    Daniel Campus Bookstore - Angie Price,

    Transfer - Matt Dunn,

    Registrar/Admissions - Shana Dix,

    Graduation Ceremony Coordination - Cindy Mason,

  • Graduation Schedule

    Southside Virginia Community College

    2023 Graduation

    Saturday, May 13, 2023, 9:30 a.m.

    Daniel Campus

    200 Daniel Road

    Keysville, VA 23947

    TIME SCHEDULE:  Everyone will assemble in assigned rooms between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.  The processional will march at 9:30 a.m. sharp!

    8:00 a.m. - Students assemble in rooms as follows:

    Associate of Arts & Science Degree                                                  WDC 127/Multipurpose room

    Associate of Applied Science Degree (Last Name A - K)                 Room 29        

    Associate of Applied Science Degree (Last Name L - Z)                  Room 65

    Certificate                                                                                           Room 39

    Career Studies Certificate                                                                   Room 53

    Workforce Programs                                                                          Room 51        


    8:30 a.m. - Faculty, administration and guests assemble in rooms as follows:

    President, President’s Council and Platform Members                             Room 45

    Administrators and Professors                                                            Room 44

    Associate and Assistant Professors, Instructors, Adjunct Faculty     Room 43


    9:30 a.m. - Processional will march!

    Participants will march in the following order in the processional:

    Faculty Marshall



    Board Members

    President’s Council



    Faculty by Rank

    Adjunct Faculty


    Graduates by Degree

    Associate of Arts & Sciences

    Associate of Applied Science


    Career Studies Certificate

    Workforce Programs

    The program will last approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours.