Clubs & Organizations

Southside Virginia Community College recognizes and encourages excellence through special programs, academic scholarships, and honorary scholastic societies.

Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC) encourages the development of a student activities program designed to promote educational and cultural experiences and complies with all policies set forth by the State Board of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). These policies may be found in Section 6 of the VCCS Policy Manual at

Don’t’ see a club you are interested in below? Don’t worry, contact Student Activities to learn more about starting your own club. Leslie Perkins, Student Activities 434-736-2022.

  • Campus Activities Team

    Campus Activities Team

    The Campus Activities Team started in the spring semester of 2008. Formally known as Student Forum a name change was proposed to express the team- centered purpose of C.A.T. Members of the C.A.T. give suggestions of preference for student events and express their opinion about other campus issues. Membership is open to all SVCC students. This club meets monthly and often provides assistance during student activities.

    Advisor: Leslie Perkins,

  • Criminal Justice Club

    Criminal Justice Club

    Provides a means for students to strengthen their knowledge of the mission and mandates of law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels, and of the United States Constitution, the Commonwealth of Virginia Constitution, and the laws governing both. Open membership.

    Advisor: Alfonzo Seward,

  • Esports

    ESports Logo

    SVCC Esports

    SVCC Esports is a club where students can come together after classes and studying to play different games that they enjoy. Students are able to join from home using their own equipment if they like. SVCC will have PC gaming stations at the Christanna (Alberta) and Daniel (Keysville) campuses. Students will be able to bring their consoles on site too. Students will work together to set up tournaments against each other and stream them live for others to watch. Hopefully, in the future, they will compete against other colleges. Any currently enrolled students (SVCC, GSSV, DE) that are interested in joining the SVCC Esports Club, can do so by going to this link: and filling out the form.

    The advisor for the club is Anthony Taylor. You can email him at if you have any questions.

  • Fitness Club

    Fitness Club

    The Fitness Club was founded on the John. H. Daniel Campus of SVCC as the Wellness Club in the Fall of 2013. The name has changed but the purpose remains the same! The Fitness Club wants to improve SVCC student health. This group holds weekly work-out meet-ups. They also set up organized “play” event including dodge ball, soccer, and volleyball. Membership is open to all students.

    Advisor: Debra Andrews,

  • Human Services Club

    Human Services Club

    The Human Services Club has been established for but not limited to Human Services majors. Annual dues allow students to take field trips, attend professional conventions, and to purchase gifts for the needy. Special concerns of the organization are centered on the elderly, preschool and school age children, and mentally ill and mentally challenged people. Advisors: Teresa George,, Sanjay Paul,

  • Page Turners (Book Club)

    Page Turners (Book Club)

    The Page Turners book club meets on the Daniel Campus once a month. Membership is open to all SVCC students. The club’s purpose includes literary awareness and reading a monthly book. Advisor: Marika Peterson,  

    The primary goals of the organization are to develop competent, aggressive business leadership; encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty; assist students in the establishment of occupational goals; facilitate the transition from school to work; and develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism. Membership is extended to all business students. Joining the local chapter will provide membership in the state and national chapters. (Based on Christanna Campus)

    Advisor: TBD

  • PN Club

    PN Club

    The PN club was founded on the Christanna Campus of SVCC in 2014. Membership is open to all those currently enrolled in the Practical Nursing program. Members of the club hold awareness events and fundraisers for different charities.

    Advisor: TBD

  • Nursing Club

    RN Nursing Club

    The purpose of the Nursing Club is to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality healthcare; to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns, and to aid in the development of the whole person, and his/her professional role, and his/her responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life. The Nursing Club also sponsors different programs including health fairs that are open to the local communities in a spirit of “giving back” to all who are supportive of the college. Membership is open to those students currently enrolled in the nursing program on the Christanna Campus of SVCC.


  • So-Bo LifeSavers

    So-Bo LifeSavers

    The So-Bo Life Savers was founded at the Higher Education Center location of SVCC located in South Boston, VA. Membership is open to current nursing students. Members of the club hold annual awareness programing and fundraiser for charitable organizations.

    Advisor: Becky Anderson,

  • Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors

    The Student Ambassadors Organization will empower our students to realize the value of giving back to the community through outreach and volunteer projects. The members of the organization will also represent SVCC in a positive light at various community events. Members will also foster positive team building and leadership development experiences.

    Advisors: Vondrenna Smithers, (CHR); Bryant Trihey  (DAN); and Erica Randolph,

  • The Heartbeats

    The Heartbeats

    This organization was originally founded in 2003 as The Nursing Club. It is open to students currently enrolled in the RN program on the Daniel Campus. Members of this organization participate in campus awareness events, charitable fundraisers, and express opinions about current nursing practices/issues. Students who are interested in getting involved with the Heartbeats should contact an RN nursing instructor.

    Advisors: Karen Hopkins,;  Leslie Jackson,

  • Teen C.N.A. Club

    Teen C.N.A. Club

    Founded in 2008, the Teen C.N.A. club. Membership is open to all dual enrollment students taking certified nurse aide classes on the Daniel Campus. Members of this club participate in one fundraiser a year to benefit a charitable organization and take a field trip to the Board of Nursing.

    Advisor: Katrina Wells,

  • Transfer Club

    Transfer Club

    To provide a means for students to broaden their knowledge of transfer procedures by attending various events, encouraging participation in activities, on and off campus, and extending their knowledge of transfer procedures. Open membership.

    Advisors: Mary Downing,  & Matt Dunn,