What is MySVCC


The MySVCC portal page allows you to log-in once to access several SVCC/VCCS sites. From your MySVCC page, you will have access to...

  • Canvas
  • Student Email (Gmail and other Google Apps)
  • Library Services
  • SIS:  Student Information System & SIS Mobile
  • Navigate Student
  • Human Resource System
  • Follett Discover:  College Bookstore
  • Credits2Careers
  • SIS Mobile:  Student Information System
  • Virginia Education Wizard
  • IOTA:  360 Evaluations
  • Brainfuse
  • Zoom

If you have problems, please email helpdesk@southside.edu or call 434-949-1010 to create an IT Helpdesk Trouble Ticket.


  • Resources Available through MySVCC


    Canvas is the college's web-based course management system both for distance learning and traditional on-campus classes. 


    Gmail is considered the official student email account.  This is used by the college to communicate with student's regarding his/her records with the college.

    SIS: Student Information System

    The Student Information System (SIS) is a tool that provides you with the ability to add and drop classes within the enrollment periods, view your account, check your financial aid award, view your advising reports, and view your grades.

    To access the Student Information System, you must log in to MySVCC with your username and password. Then access the system, by clicking VCCS SIS: Student Information System under My Tools. After your new browser window appears, click on Student Center.



    Access Issues

    Q: Do I have to change my password?

    Yes, the system no longer allows a default password.  Please contact the helpdesk if you have problems with your password.

    Phone: 434-949-1010

    Email: helpdesk@southside.edu

    Q: After I change my password or have my password reset, what accounts would this affect?

    Your SVCC Online, Canvas, Student Email, and SIS:  Student Information System accounts.

    SIS Issues

    Q: How can I get help with registering for classes?

    Please talk to your advisor or a counselor if you are having any issues with enrolling in classes. 

    Q: How can I see my official grades?

    • Navigate to the Student Center in SIS.
    • Click Other Academic… drop-down box.
    • Click Grades and the right arrow button.
    • Your grades will display

    Q: If I attend multiple VCCS colleges, do I need to make changes to make a payment with a credit card?

    If you have attended multiple Virginia Community colleges, then you must set your preferences before attempting to pay with a credit card. 

    Q: Is there a preferred web browser for accessing these applications?

    For best performance, you should use the latest version of Chrome as your browser to access the system.