Campus Safety & Security

Any witness to an accident should assist by contacting security or the college receptionist at 434-949-1000 and should return to the area when safe to provide information.

Thanks for your help and remember... When in Doubt, Report!

Safety Officer: Shannon Vassar Feinman 434-949-1005, email

Organizations across the country are teaching students and employees how to respond to intruders and active shooters.  The “Run, Hide, Fight” video below offers advice on how to survive an encounter with an “active shooter.”    This video is intended to educate you and make you aware of possible actions to take should a person intend to do harm to the SVCC community or to anyone, anywhere.  It dramatizes an active shooter incident in the workplace. The purpose is to educate the public on how to respond during such an incident.    This information is provided and based on the Department of Homeland Security and FBI's latest instructional materials. The phrase "Run. Hide. Fight." is a registered trademark of the City of Houston.   Please take the time to view this video periodically as it provides you with some key steps to follow should you find yourself in a crisis situation similar to the one portrayed. 

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