Forging Futures: SVCC Alum's Blade of Entrepreneurial Success

Southside Virginia Community College takes great pride in the accomplishments of graduates who go on to make a significant impact on their community. One example of this is William Edwards, owner and operator of Driven Mobile Automotive and Small Engine Repair.

After graduating from SVCC’s Automotive Technology program under the instruction of Arnold Gayles, William Edwards established Driven Mobile in 2015 as a small engine repair service provider. With a solid understanding of engines gained through SVCC's program, William was able to diagnose and repair a wide range of equipment, earning a reputation for reliability and expertise.

As Driven Mobile grew, so did its impact on the community. In June 2020, the business became an authorized dealer for Spartan Mowers, expanding its offerings to include new lawn mowers and outdoor power equipment. This move not only diversified Driven Mobile's services but also contributed to the local economy by providing access to high-quality products available to consumers in Amelia and surrounding localities.

Community support plays a crucial role in the success of small businesses like Driven Mobile. William encourages residents to shop small and shop local, recognizing that every purchase made at a local business directly benefits families in the community. Positive reviews, recommendations to friends and family, and engagement on social media further amplify the impact of community support, helping businesses like Driven Mobile thrive and grow.

As Driven Mobile continues to thrive, SVCC celebrates the achievements of our alumni and remains committed to nurturing future generations of entrepreneurs and community leaders. The story of Driven Mobile is not just about a business; it's about the resilience, passion, and determination that define our graduates and the communities they serve.

William Edwards

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