Lowe's Foundation Honored

Leaders from Virginia’s 23 community colleges came together in celebration at the 18th Annual Chancellor’s Award for Leadership on April 16. Hosted by the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education (VFCEE), more than two dozen individuals, families, and organizations have received the 2024 Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy.

“Virginia’s growth, prosperity, and well-being depend on the success of our community college system and the success of our students,” said The Honorable Maurice Jones who was the event’s keynote speaker. “From childcare and housing assistance to reducing food insecurity, we must care and invest in the whole student for students and the Commonwealth to be successful.”

Alexandria Davis, a Brightpoint Community College student, also spoke at the event. She highlighted how initiatives like the Great Expectations program, which provides support to students who have experienced foster care, have greatly impacted her both academically and personally.

“The generosity of donors has been simply incredible, bringing hope and transformation to countless lives each day,” said Davis. “With nearly 80% of community college students remaining within their local communities, the impact of these contributions resonates deeply—you are not just investing in individuals; you are nurturing and strengthening the fabric of our communities.”

These philanthropists’ participation underscores their unwavering commitment to advancing education and empowering communities. Together, the community colleges and the VFCCE celebrated the remarkable achievements of the distinguished philanthropy leaders, whose collective contributions of $17 million have profoundly impacted the growth and development of the state’s community colleges.

“Dedication to the cause of education fuels our collective efforts to build a brighter future for generations to come. Together, we will continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and communities across Virginia,” said VFCCE Executive Director and Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement Dr. Jennifer Gentry.

Joining the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, Dr. David Dore' (center), Dr. Chad Patton and Dr. Quentin R. Johnson representing SVCC and David Green, Steven Young, Kaitlyn Brumfield, Jason Tench and Betsy Conway representing the Lowe's Foundation.   

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