Statement from Chancellor of Virginia’s Community Colleges on the Attacks in Israel

I have been horrified by the impacts of the terrorist attacks in Israel and the loss of lives and suffering of all innocent civilians.  Virginia’s Community Colleges condemn terrorism and the brutal acts of violence that have taken place in Israel. I join the Jewish community and others in mourning the loss of life and share in the sadness of the devastating impacts that these events have had on so many.

Violence, hatred, and prejudice in all its forms have no place on our campuses, or across Virginia and around the world. Love, compassion, justice, and humility are keys to a sustainable future in which everyone’s humanity is affirmed.  Let us support one another as we navigate the impacts of global events here at home.

For our students, faculty, staff, and peers who are struggling with the impacts of global events, there are resources to support you. Please reach out to those who can help at each of your colleges. During these difficult times, let us embrace compassion and respect for one another.

As Chancellor, I am committed to ensuring that Virginia’s Community Colleges thrive as places for education and opportunity for all Virginians.  We support safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments and unequivocally stand against anything that threatens those values.

Chancellor David Doré

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