SVCC Esports Club Competing in Ultimate Endgamers League Tournament

SVCC Esports Club Competing in Ultimate Endgamers League Tournament October 24, 2021

SVCC Esports Club is competing in Ultimate Endgamers League Tournament on Sunday, October 24, 2021. It will be a gauntlet-style tournament that determines which team has the best gamer, not the best at one game, but the best overall! There will be a total of 26 games - 7 players per team. Rounds will be won by the first to win 10 games or whoever has the most wins in four hours. The winner of the tournament will go home with $10,000. 

The games that will played are: SMASH BROS, SOUL CALIBUR, Guilty Gear Strive, DBZ Fighter, MK11, Tekken, Street Fighter 5, Overwatch, Cod MW, Split Gate, Valorant, Gears 5, Fortnite, Apex, R6 Seige, Halo 5, Crash Team Racing, F1, FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, Mario Kart, Wreckfest, UFC, Rocket League. 

You can watch the tournament by going to Ultimate Endgamers League Tournament live stream or by searching @ULTIMATEENGAMERSLEAGUE on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook

Students Participating and Usernames:

Miles Wollenberg - CHIMPIS

Gavin White - Rusian Eton

Colin Malone - Naoki

Caleb Allen - Orange

Johnny Guynn - Union

Collin Clary - ArkGaming84

Sebastian Uriarte - Squinkadink


Anthony Taylor

Denise Kennon

SVCC Esports Tournament


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