Dual Enrollment Faculty Resources

Dual Enrollment Faculty Resources

Instructor Resources

Important Contacts

Laurie Michaelson, Interim Dual Enrollment Coordinator (Daniel Campus)
(School Systems: Amelia, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Halifax, Lunenburg, and Prince Edward counties)
434-736-2080 or email: laurie.michaelson@southside.edu

Annette Wallace, Assistant Coordinator of Dual Enrollment
434-736-2098 or email: annette.wallace@southside.edu

Wendy Ezell, Interim Dual Enrollment Coordinator (Christanna Campus)
School Systems: Brunswick, Brunswick Academy, Greensville, Kenston Forest, Mecklenburg, Nottoway.)
434-949-1080 or email: wendy.ezell@southside.edu

Bridget Powell, DE Education Specialist (Christanna Campus)
434-949-1077 or email: bridget.powell@southside.edu  

Helpdesks (Student and Instructor)
LeAnn Ferguson, Helpdesk (Password resets) 
434-736-2059 or email: leann.ferguson@southside.edu

Terri Milroy, Blackboard Administrator 
434-949-1097 or email: terri.milroy@southside.edu

SVCC Administrative Team
Dr. Michelle Edmonds, Special Assistant to the Interim Vice-President of Academic Affairs 
434-949-1006 or email: michelle.edmonds@southside.edu