Board Members

The Foundation Board of Directors is composed of people from our service area who represent positive leadership and community influence. They volunteer their expertise and service on behalf of the College and the community.  Members include:

  • Chris Bailey
  • Hazel B. Baker
  • C. Butler Barrett
  • Carthan F. Currin, III
  • Shannon Feinman
  • Peter G. Hunt
  • Quentin R. Johnson
  • Robert Ledbetter
  • Stephen E. Parker
  • Robert F. Pecht
  • Mary G. Reed
  • Jerry D. Reynolds
  • Jeremy Satterfield
  • Sid Smyth
  • J. Robert Snoddy
  • Sheryl D. Swinson
  • Robert C. Wrenn
  • Florence D. Kalbacker - Director Emeritus
  • Russell O. Slayton - Director Emeritus
  • W. E. Thomas - Founding Member 1982-2019
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