Nursing Simulation Lab

The SVCC Nursing Simulation Lab is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art health care training center used to enhance the clinical education of nursing students.

Sim Lab Students

We have a computer-driven human simulator known as Sim Essential and its smaller counterpart Sim Newbie! Together, they allow students to assess changeable heart sounds, breath sounds, chest movement, experience cardiac monitoring, and effects of interventions and medications given with patients across the life span. Our simulators can demonstrate different customized patient profiles and individualized medical scenarios ranging from basic to complex nursing care. Other Simulators, "Noelle" and the newly arrived Sim Mom, provide maternal and neonatal birthing simulation. Students can also hone their skills at assessing blood pressures with the very life-like blood pressure training arm and learn IV therapy initiation using IV task trainers.

The SVCC Nursing Simulation Lab is committed to the success of the nursing students in providing an educational foundation that will enable them to care for individuals, families, and communities through the use of simulation technology. The SVCC Nursing Simulation Lab provides hands-on learning experiences in a safe, realistic environment that produces healthcare professionals with enhanced critical thinking skills, technical ability, communication skills, and collaboration experience for the benefit of our community.


Learning on this equipment gives students the opportunity to provide hands-on clinical reality using newly acquired skills prior to entering the healthcare environment in a safe setting. Students can immediately apply skills and concepts that may otherwise become diluted between the classroom and clinical application. The use of simulation in the Simulation Lab helps students acquire critical thinking skills and gain clinical competency.

The SVCC Nursing Simulation Lab is centrally located in Chase City, VA at the Estes Community Center.

Simulation Lab Faculty 

Billi Jo Wilkinson MSN BSN RN CHSE (Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator) 

Diploma, Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing

BSN and MSN, Western Governors University